Thursday, April 9, 2009

Japanese girl wearing a miniskirt showing sexy

A friend of mine from Japan told me the trip, filled with Japanese miniskirt girls are dressed, even if the weather is still cold, even if a lot of girl-shaped legs are not quite perfect, even with a tendency to bandy legs, but can not hinder their the impulse to wear skirts. Ratio miniskirts beautify the body very helpful, especially with a short coat, long legs can pull line to shorten the upper part of the body, the relatively small size of the Asian girls, this is disguised as a very useful way of following on take a look at Japan's short dress girl show it!

Small suit + print skirt
Inside a black body suit with a small campaign office style hoody both the elegant Lady competent, and the vitality of a young girl atmosphere. Printing a two-tier cake with skirts, for the whole body into the atmosphere of an active, whether or Mature students can learn from this sister's dress.

Flouncing dress + small suit
Flouncing crisp white dress top fresh and clean with square logo printing, it is the feeling of spring, outside small black suits with thin can significantly shape the image of formal wear to work no problem. Brown tassel shoes are very cute, bright colors for the dresses and suits between there and the role.

Denim skirt + green leisure jacket
If your style is more neutral, in fact, can also choose miniskirts, denim skirt will show a very handsome face, but with the T-shirt with the need for selective, uniform-style jacket or casual style more suitable for neutral winds shape.

Graffiti + denim dress long gown
If you do not worth it in fact is a woman who dressed taste, denim short skirts with loose long gown a few random shows, but is able to highlight is the ratio of waist fat can be easily concealed.

Short black dress jacket + blue print
With some local flavor of printing a black dress with short jacket and the rural and urban leisure able, leopard collar of hair not only played the role of warm, bright spot is also very important.

Color print dress + black north face jackets
Color printing of a black dress with a thin belt of landscaping is not only played the role of the ratio can also reflect the beam waist of a woman taste. Black north face jackets for your wind, the weather is not very good at the time it was a good choice.

Cake black dress + black long trench coat
Single black body products are in fact not the best with the middle to add fresh shirt printing for you will be able to grace, and with the pattern of the stockings are very different.

Printing chiffon skirts + long coat decorative edges
Maomao set off a large number of decoration so that the girls become particularly sweet lovely light chiffon coat with thick contrast enhancement of the personality style.

Flouncing sequined dress + ultra-short jacket
Black sequined dress the skirt used flouncing sweet design, and the sequins out of a sense of shaping the image of sweet and sexy. Ultra-short jacket will be a small proportion of the modified lower part of the body more perfect.

Leisure fold spyder jackets skirts + black
Excellent sense of the cotton down short of the fold to form a more natural role of self-cultivation, but a slightly more rigid. Color printing campaign T-shirt made up for deficiencies in dynamic enough.

Bud sports with red stripes dress + black Pitsi loaded
Red stripe is very short skirts girls feeling fresh, with a golden head Personalized T shirt printing full. Black stockings and high heels with the legs of the elongated line is the best embodiment of the spring of the dress a feminine.

White chiffon dress + casual long jacket
White chiffon dress with a long loose coat shall be a woman's tender feelings are shown, but the white is too pure will not be worth that.

Check black-and-white mini dress + white fur coat
With black and white is very flexible, like this dress will be black and white Check with snow-white fur coat is also very innovative with it! Black flat bottom edge of the white snow boots decoration can also play the role of eye-dotting.

Dress + black light face short leather jacket
Bright side of a black dress to reveal a low-key sense of luxury, with handsome leather jacket woman surges more urban feel, yet handsome and taste.
Two-tone black-and-white short jacket + Purple Check
Check relaxed body straight jacket with a short paragraph can not see the waist, brown boots is a bright spot, very cute.